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How to Build Effective Presentation Skills: 5 Top Tips

During your presentations, if awkward silence followed by audience members clearing their throats, shuffling in their seats, and a general air of boredom is a familiar scenario for you, it may be time to work on your presentation skills.

Struggling to capture your audience’s attention and feeling awkward as the center of attention doesn’t mean you’re a bad presenter. It means you simply haven’t learned the tools and strategies to bring out your personal presentation style.

At Be Brilliant Presentation Group, we specialize in coaching presenters to develop their authentic voice and presentation style so they can be confident and effective presenters, regardless of the situation.

To help you start developing effective presentation skills, we’re answering commonly asked questions and sharing our top five strategies:

Wrapping up

Why Are Effective Presentation Skills Important?

According to Forbes, 70% of employed Americans believe that presentation skills are crucial for career success but 75% of adults are estimated to be affected by a fear of public speaking. Many of the skills required to give an effective presentation hinge on key communication skills that come in handy both in and out of presentations, yet so many adults struggle with presentations.

So, what benefits will you gain by developing your presentation skills? Here are a few: 

Because so many people fear public speaking, building your presentation skills up can be beneficial in your career and daily life, even when you’re not on a presentation stage.

Presenting can be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. These strategies should help get you on the right path to developing your presentation skills, and our coaches will help you perfect those skills when you’re ready to get to the next level.  

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