Meet Patti Schutte

Beyond Presentations to Resultations

Being brilliant in front of any audience has been the passion of Be Brilliant Presentation Group’s founder and Chief Presentation Strategist and Trainer, Patti Schutte since she can remember.

If fear of speaking and presenting runs through the veins of the large majority, then call her a minority. If there is a microphone in the room, let Patti grab it, and within moments, the audience will be engaged, laughing, and learning.

As a certified World Class Speaking Coach, presentation trainer, and professional learning facilitator, she’s not only a brilliant presenter, she’s also a brilliant teacher. She is the go-to expert for those seeking to quickly and effectively master the art of getting results from their presentations, or what she calls resultations.

Patti didn’t wake up one day and declare

A Unique Beginning

Patti didn’t wake up one day and declare she’d start a presentation business. Instead, in 2011, her business found her when she answered a call from a colleague who was an Event Manager for a large international tech conference. She was desperately brainstorming on how to improve her presenters’ presentations. Increasing the value of the content being presented was vital as she couldn’t risk another year of low survey results and missing registration goals. She needed her presenters to give resultations!

She had seen Patti in action and knew her practical approach drove results. In a poignant conversation, she said, “You’re the best I’ve seen. I need you to train my presenters. We have to deliver better content, drive better results, and enhance the reputation of our company and conference.” And that’s what Patti has done for individuals, businesses, and conferences ever since. As the business grew, she added staff and transitioned her company to Be Brilliant Presentation Group.

My Resume

First step to becoming a Presentation Strategist and Trainer? Earn a B.S. in Mathematics. As odd as that may sound, it means I approach problems with logical rigor and a blend of curiosity and creativity, exploring the intricacies of abstract concepts to uncover hidden truths and patterns. Starting as a secondary mathematics teacher and sports coach, followed by a decade as a top 2% commissioned sales director, taught me how to effectively read people, train, speak, and present information (quickly) for the best results … or risk being ineffective AND not getting paid.

In my 15-year tenure in corporate America, I played a pivotal role in shaping the presentation outcomes of the sales, customer success, and professional learning teams for a $25M company. This journey enhanced my proficiency in crafting both internal and external presentations, enabling business teams, leaders, and workshop presenters to effectively deliver information for optimal results, revenue, and impact.

As probably the only presentation trainer with a background in mathematics, I’m uniquely positioned as the go-to expert for analytically-minded professionals. Outside of my work, I find fulfillment in tutoring mathematics and motivating high school students to pursue STEM careers. A proud mother of three sons, I’m passionate about fitness and stand-up paddleboarding. Originally from Nebraska, I now call the greater Washington, D.C., area home.

Starting as a secondary mathematics teache

My mission is to deepen human connection by transforming business presentations.

I envision a world where business leaders, functional teams, and conference presenters have a battle-tested presentation design and delivery framework, allowing them to transcend the traditional business world of effective presentations to one of brilliant resultations.

I firmly believe the capability to convey your perspective, inspire others to rally around your vision, and achieve desired outcomes isn’t just an asset; it’s an essential skill. Consistently delivering resultations, not just presentations, is imperative for your career and personal success.

Patti Schutte is more than a brilliant

A Presenter Every Organization Will Love

Patti Schutte is more than a brilliant presenter; she’s a captivating force that resonates profoundly with audiences. Whether presenting to an intimate gathering of ten or a massive crowd of ten thousand, her engaging approach ensures active participation, inspires change, and equips your audience with immediate action plans. She excels in tailoring speeches to your objectives or delivering her own impactful message, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.