Presentation Result Optimization

The ultimate framework to empower presenters with the presentation skills, mindset, and workflows.  Achieve optimal results with our presentation training and coaching programs.

presentation training and coaching by Patti Schutte

Presentation Training and Coaching

Countless times a day, presentations leave behind thousands in unrealized revenues, negatively impact brands and audiences, stifle decision-making, and steal time away from other critical responsibilities.

The Presentation Result Optimization framework revolutionizes presentation methods, skillsets, and ecosystems by infusing strategy and purpose, employing a structured formula and workflow, and emphasizing results and accountability. Equipping leaders, teams, and conference speakers to go beyond giving presentations to giving resultations.

The PRO Framework

How it works

The approach applied to presentation clarity defines whether you’ll give standard presentations or brilliant results.

Phase One of the PRO framework includes an audit of current presentations and an assessment of presenters’ delivery skills. These exercises provide the clarity needed to recommend areas of opportunity and skill improvement in presentation design and delivery.

Phase One continues as current presentations are updated or new ones are created using my trademarked blueprint approach. 

The approach applied to presentation clarity

The Be Brilliant Blueprint is not a simple fill-in-the-blank document or basic presentation training and coaching session.

Consistently, clients tell me Phase One includes approaches and exercises they never heard of or used before. And once implemented, it is a game-changer! One client said, “I wish we would have met 30 years ago when I started my career. You would have saved me so much time, energy, stress, and poor results!”

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If you’re a hip-hop artist and you walk on stage
If you’re a hip-hop artist and you walk on stage to perform a country-western ballad, how authentic would you be? No two artists are the same, neither are two presenters. Let me help you optimize your presentations, discover and master your natural presenting style, and achieve maximum results from every presentation you give.

– Patti Schutte, Founder & Chief Presentation Trainer