An On-site (or virtual) workshop for business teams

Go from hope-for-the-best presentations to strategically aligned, visually powerful,
and brilliantly delivered resultations.
Gain a decisive edge over your competition.
Build confidence, capacity, and consistency.
Ensure Accountability And Improve Results.

Even if you have the best products in the marketplace and a comprehensive sales strategy, you can lose to a competitor if they present more effectively.

Business teams that tailor presentations to client needs and deliver them brilliantly increase the likelihood of achieving desired results. They raise workforce performance and drive business growth.

Do any of these sound familiar?
High-stakes presentations fall flat and produce inconsistent results.
Ineffective communicators negatively impact brand and customer relations.
One-dimensional speakers fail to engage or connect with diverse audiences.
Mediocre presentations leave behind thousands in unrealized revenues.
Lack of preparation, inconsistent use of brand, and design inefficiencies are the norm.
Maximizing revenues and staff potential is blocked by presentation paralysis.
When your presenters achieve 2x, 3x, or even 10x results, it significantly impacts your bottom line. My workshop teaches teams to craft well-structured presentations and present like world-class speakers.

It's time your presenters went beyond presentations to brilliant resultations.

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Choose a Date

Workshops take place over two days. Block off those calendars and let's make a difference!

Enjoy the Workshop

Unleash the brilliant presenter within each team member and watch results soar.

Add-on Individual Sessions

Repetition with feedback fuels ongoing development and ensures consistent results.

How will your business teams benefit from working with Patti?

They gain a decisive edge over their competition even if the sale seems lost before the presentation begins.

Throughout the company, presentations produce consistent results despite a wide discrepancy in aptitude and experience.

Technical experts capitalize on the influential power of effective communication, even if they struggle with people skills.

Team members leverage their presenting strengths to attain higher authority and impact, even if they don’t see themselves as leaders.

Everyone is able to implement our proven Presentation Result Optimization framework to ensure they are well prepared and accountable to results, even if they are spread thin with limited time.

And they achieve the same results when presenting in-person or virtually.

Which Workshop for Teams Option is Best For You?

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, my workshop for teams empowers staff to go beyond presentations to resultations, increasing competency, productivity, and profitability. Choose my workshop-only package or elevate further with the workshop + individual sessions option, providing personalized attention and tailored coaching. 

Workshop Only

This 2-day workshop is an investigational, hands-on learning experience covering the three phases of the Presentation Result Optimization framework: Clarify, Create, and Capture.

In a fun yet purposeful and motivating learning environment, participants will have a secure space to optimize, practice, and enhance their individual presenting skills. 

They will:

  • Delve into the principles of brilliant resultations, understanding how to create concise, result-driven messages for specific audiences.
  • Analyze their presenting skill level and explore techniques they can apply to capitalize on strengths while minimizing weaknesses.
  • Practice and master the delivery skills crucial to connecting with diverse audiences, prompting active participation, and inspiring them to act.

Additionally, they will work in functional teams to:

  • Evaluate optimization opportunities within the presentations they regularly deliver.
  • Ensure team presentations weave in the corporate story, communicate clearly, and outshine competitors.
  • Examine their presentations' influence on company goals and formulate a strategy to enhance impact.
An onsite workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants and a minimum of 4 for the virtual workshop. Both are limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

From Presentation to Resultations

Hear what our incredible clients have to say!

“Patti Schutte is one of the best presentation coaches I’ve ever met. Over the years, she has helped me build compelling narratives for many engagements. We’ve worked together on internal and external corporate presentations and product launch messaging. She has helped me engage people while serving on industry panels. We’ve done webinars and training and most recently, she has helped me build my brand and messaging and corporate slide template as a business owner. Patti is top notch in her field and I highly recommend her services to everyone in need of content layout, presenting and speaking help. Oh wait, did I mention, she ROCKS!”

Kelly Eisenhardt
Co-Founder and Managing Director, BlueCircle Advisors

“When looking for expert professionals to present at our conference, we promote our partnership with Be Brilliant as the real reason you should send in a submission. Accepted speakers have the opportunity to work with Patti and her team from start to finish on their presentations and speaking style. Be Brilliant is as familiar with the jitters as with the highly-produced speeches of the gazillion-dollar earners. I have seen Patti work miracles at the highest levels – as well as transform less-experienced speakers.”

Ruth Morss,
Executive Communications, PTC

“Engaging with a group like Be Brilliant to assist with presentations is genius! Patti was amazing, she really refined the slides and taught me more about decks and presentations than anyone I’ve ever worked with! She made the entire process very easy! Thank you.”

Ryan Kerry,
CEO of KnowLedger, Speaker

Patti’s attention to detail–to the little things–makes the difference between good and great. The way that she communicates those little things back to me made such a huge difference for great in getting my message across!!”

Marcelo Pozzetti d’Arce,
Senior Manager Warehouse Operations North America, Embraer, Keynote Speaker

“When you’re a busy professional, insightful support provided quickly and efficiently is priceless. I knew I had the tips and tricks ready to go because of my meeting with Patti. After my live presentation – not kidding – someone raised their hand at the end and said it was one of the best sessions they attended. Thank you Patti!”

Laura Sloan,
CPA and Sr. Consultant, DSD Business Systems, Conference Speaker

“We knocked it out of the park!! Our audience was engaged, and many said it was one of the best presentations they had ever seen at the conference. We think our graphics-heavy presentation (thanks to Patti) kept the audience focused on our story and didn’t feel like what they would normally see back at work.

Kimberly Brean,
Engineering Product Support Directorate, Raytheon Missile Systems, Conference Speaker

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I had never presented at a conference before, not to mention as a customer spotlight in front of thousands. I was nervous and worried about getting our company’s story across and not making a fool of myself. The presentation came together beautifully. The audience was so engaged! Thank you again.”

Robert Treiber II,
Co-Founder and President, Boston Engineering, Keynote Speaker

“The biggest benefit to working with Patti is I am now more confident to deliver precise presentations that get my point across with clear purpose and intent and get results. I now know how to present through storytelling. Each session is worth every moment of my time as it’s customized to my immediate needs. ”

Kishore Tummala,
CEO BundleN

“I was worried about the coaching being remote, and my presentation in person. However, I should not have been worried! Patti’s coaching helped me have the skills to overcome my fears, move forward with creating my presentation quickly, and generate the slides I needed to be the best presenter I could be for my topics.”

Kristie Parker
Sr Project Manager, Sage Intacct, Conference Speaker

“I know our customers really appreciated your feedback and I learned a ton from you. Thanks again for making sure everyone was prepared and helping to create interesting and memorable presentations! I’m definitely hoping to work with you again.”

Daniel Haggerty III,
Sr. Corporate Communications Manager, Applause

“Thank you so much for all your help with the LWX Virtual Event. Your input and guidance for the virtual keynote speakers was very much appreciated. I always enjoy working with you and look forward to doing it again next year.”

Doug Hodge
Executive Producer for LiveWorx

“[My co-presenter] and I participated in your webcasts and took your advice. The audience loved it! We ended up winning the best of award at the conference and both feel that you deserve much of the credit for that.”

Conference Speaker

“Thank you for the excellent training materials you created for the virtual conference this year. They provided the perfect framework for developing my presentation and gave me some much-needed help!”

Seun Ojo
The Machining Group, Virtual Conference Speaker

“Thank you sooooooo much!!! BTW – I met someone that worked with you last year; he immediately said, ‘I can totally tell you worked with Patti…’ 🙂 Your company’s brand is strong!”

Catherine Tradd,
Supply Chain Manager, Solar Turbines, Speaker

“I wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU…you helped make onsite logistics, rehearsal, and the final show amazing.”

Robert Schmid ‘Mr. IoT’,
Keynote Speaker

“Patti was great and very valuable resource. I’ve actually already recommended her to friends!”

Jennifer Cassidy
CFO,, Keynote Speaker

“I wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU! I felt so much more prepared than I would have without you.”

Michelle Schimberg,
Director of Managed Services, Armanino, Speaker

“Working with Patti is a game-changer. I left a recommendation on LinkedIn as working with her is quality help.”

David Appel,
Head, Subscription and SaaS Vertical, Sage Intacct, Keynote Speaker

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